Update from Croatan Earth First!

 Partial Victory in Fight to Save Globe Forest

(Originally posted August 3, 2010 by croatanearthfirst)

After negotiations with conservation groups and actions by Earth First!, The US Forest Service has decided to finalize negotiations changing the Globe Forest Management Project into a stewardship sale called Mulberry/Globe Timber project combining it with another timber cut. This allows the Forest Service to operate at a lower profit after agreeing to remove the old-growth section along Thunderhole Creek. More inofrmation can be found in this Mountain Xpress Article and describes the Forest Service’s plan to use the money from timber sale on “improving wildlife habitat, controlling non-native invasive species, improving water quality in Boone Fork, and managing unauthorized motorized travel.” This plan is supported by the local and state conservation groups.

Croatan Earth First! sees this only as a partial success. Many of these trees are hundreds of years old and are on their way to becoming old-growth habitat. One stand is located directly next to an old-growth forest and it is beginning to take on characteristics of this kind of rare habitat. Cutting there will result in harmful edge effects, and it will damage the healthy soils and mycelium growing in that area. We believe you cannot cut one part of the forest without affecting the entire ecosystem, and believe any cuts along this road to be harmful to the animals, plants, and fungus’ which live there. We also believe that when liberal groups barter over stands of forest, it puts us in a vulnerable position where we have to exchange one area for the protection of another. This will not help us to stop the commercial timber industry from operating in our National Forests. We believe our forests should be off limits.

However, we find ourselves at an impasse. With the loss of local support and the difficulty of operating a campaign from this angle, we have decided to move on to other projects where we can have more effect. We encourage everyone to monitor the cut areas as they begin to log this Fall. It is common for timber companies to cut beyond the timber line boundaries. If you would like to help monitor the area during the timber sale please contact us or arrange a group in your area. If you would like to stay involved with Croatan Earth First! contact us at croatanearthfirst@gmail.com

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