On Killer Cops and Open-Carry Coffee Bars?

(originally posted September 10th on Denver ABC)

From Capitalist News Sources:

Christopher Monfort, accused of killing a Seattle police officer last Halloween, tried his best Wednesday to interrupt a court hearing in his pending capital-murder case, issuing another diatribe against police misconduct.

Monfort’s interruptions in court are becoming routine, but this time Monfort was visibly angry, pounding his fist on the table as attorneys tried to hold the hearing over the din.

Monfort added a new refrain in calling for the public to “awaken from your slumber” and openly carry weapons, a practice called “open carry.”

“If you won’t protect each other, who is going to do it?” Monfort said as he was wheeled out of court. “The only way to do it is a show of force — we’re going to have to open carry, all of us. … Who is going to be the first person to open an open-carry coffee shop?”

In previous court hearings, Monfort, 41, usually delivered a speech about police misconduct before quieting down when King County Superior Judge Ron Kessler appeared.

This time, Monfort kept talking as Kessler tried to hold a routine status-checking hearing. “If you’d like to remain in the courtroom, you need to be quiet,” Kessler warned Monfort.

When Monfort continued to yell, Kessler called the prosecutor and defense attorneys to the bench and continued the hearing.

Monfort was incensed that Seattle police Officer Shandy Cobane will not be criminally charged for using racially charged language in a now-infamous incident in April when Cobane and another officer were caught on videotape kicking a prone Latino man.

“Anyone else would be fired,” Monfort yelled. “They should be fired. No pension, no gold watch. And charges should be leveled against him, for breach of contract. … What kind of an example does that set for the rest of the force? That it’s OK for racism and brutality to exist? It’s not OK.”

Last week, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg announced he was seeking the death penalty against Monfort for an alleged crime spree against Seattle police that included the ambush killing of Officer Timothy Brenton, the wounding of Brenton’s training partner, Britt Sweeney, the attempted murder of a police detective and the firebombing of a Police Department maintenance yard.

On Nov. 6, three Seattle homicide detectives confronted Monfort outside his Tukwila apartment. Charging documents say he twice aimed a handgun at officers before police shot him, which left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

Monfort’s next hearing is Dec. 3.

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