Solidarity Actions with the Asheville 11 on December 1st

Eleven people arrested in Asheville, NC on May 1 still face outrageous felony conspiracy and rioting charges simply for being in a neighborhood in which some windows were broken. Although support for the defendants has been growing steadily, the District Attorney is stubbornly clinging to this opportunity to defame and demonize anarchists. It is increasingly clear that the outcome of the case hinges on the attention and support the 11 receive.

Last month, an appeal went out for solidarity actions to take place on the first day of every month, in support of the Asheville 11. In response, on November 1, banners were dropped in Asheville and Oklahoma City. In San Francisco, 11 banks, businesses, and construction sites were sabotaged, and a lengthy communique emphasized the importance of solidarity in an era when communication itself is criminalized as “conspiracy.” Some beautiful new support posters and stickers appeared, as well.

December 1 is coming up now, and it’s time once again to show that these 11 hostages of the state have not been forgotten. Defending them is a way to protect everyone who may be targeted for this kind of repression–the more attention they receive, the less emboldened the authorities will be to bring inflated charges against others.

On December 1 in Asheville, a march will take place against the criminalization of youth and the policing of downtown. Meet at the Vance Memorial in Pack Square at 5 pm to march to the jail; a spirited rally will follow. Everyone is welcome to participate!

If you don’t live in Asheville and cannot attend the march, please use this opportunity to put up posters bringing attention to the arrestees’ plight, or to write a letter to the Asheville Citizen-Times demanding that the charges be dropped, or to take other steps to spread awareness of the case and show support for the defendants. Once again, if you learn of a solidarity action worth reporting, please make a statement about it on the internet so others can see how many people care about the outcome of this case.

Download trifolds and postcards and zines

Donate to the Asheville 11

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