New Zine Available: The Lowry Wars

Hey y’all,

Just in time for the 3rd Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair, we’re excited to announce that the NC Piece Corps has published a new zine (on the menu above). The Lowry Wars: attacking North Carolina’s plantation society in the age of Reconstruction surveys the turbulent eight years of struggle against White supremacy and the plantation system in Robeson County, NC after the Civil War. The passive resistance of Black and Lumbee communities of the time gave way to an aggressive campaign of attack against the White establishment of the time, all the while exposing the hypocrisy, limitations, and true function of the Republican Party’s Reconstruction efforts as it abandoned its attempts at racial reconciliation to subdue and repress the popular uprising. From the text:

“On December 21st, 1864, a wealthy slaveholder and minor official of the Confederacy named James P. Barnes was ambushed on his way to the Post Office in Robeson
County, North Carolina. After being initially cut down by a shotgun blast, Barnes was shot at point blank range in the head…Thus began a period of roughly eight years of almost uninterrupted, multiracial attacks on plantation society in southeastern North Carolina. Dozens of sheriffs and White supremacist militia were murdered, plantations and White-owned stores expropriated, and five different successful prison breaks carried out, in what to this day represents a period of marked pride and dignity for North Carolina’s Lumbees.”

This piece is a draft version of a much larger writing project that friends here are working on, focusing on a broad history of different uprisings and insurrectionary moments across the last 300 years of Southern history. We hope to get feedback from folks on this and other pieces we’re working on; feel free to print and distribute this at your liesure, and let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “New Zine Available: The Lowry Wars

  1. Rik says:

    This looks very interesting. I am part of an anarchist reading group in Boston and our next meeting is focused on this time period. We have a visually impaired member of our reading group. As it would be easier to covert to Braille or for text-to-audio recognition, I was wondering if you could get me this Zine in a straight text (e.g.- Word) format? I am reciprocityrik(at)gmail(dot)com.

    1. ncpiececorps says:

      hey thanks for the heads up about that. as a matter of fact i was going to post the text on here as a post tonight anyway, so feel free to just copy and paste it for that purpose. i hope this is helpful, and let me know what yalls group thinks!

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